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Be aware spoilers might appear in this review.

this review has been written during the alpha version of garbage and described bugs/ideas might be fixed at the point of buying/playing.

Unlike the title this game is totally not what you think it would be.

As the title is known as Garbage I can tell you that it is not totally garbage.

Yes there is points that they should work on but with the release date only a month away what do you expect with the games now a days?


When deciding what game mode you’re going to pick most people always skip the tutorial, Well for sake of this review we’ve decided not to skip it but just do it!

Except… there was no tutorial… It’s crystal clear that there is no guide for “How To be Homeless for Dummies” so why add the tutorial to the main menu anyways?

Oh well, Without the tutorial really being there this game does have a clear mission overview which allows you to find a few of the steps on how to be homeless.

The tutorial is shown in the top right as the objective/questline

Fighting System

The fighting system is this game is based on the skill training when your homeless character is not sleeping or eating.
Fighting and training is based on an energy system which can be regained by sleeping.
The training allows you to gain skill points which can be invested in a unguided skill tree.

The skill tree is build up in three different categories (Defence / Offense / Agility).
Depending on your opponent in the quest line you can decide which skill to use during on of the possible fights.
The fights against other homeless people are shown by a timer and are not always required.

Screenshot of the three possible skill trees.

Quest line / Map layout

The map is based on the quest line, You have a selected amount of map parts that can be unlocked by completing the quests in the previously unlocked areas.
The maps change during night and day time, So different quests may appear during the night.
Unfortunately the quests don’t show a level requirement so often it’s a trial and error process.
As seen so far the map isn’t to big but hopefully with more updates coming in the future this can be bigger.

Screenshot of the current map options.


But in the end will this game teach you how to be homeless? The answer is no, Of course not, It’s a game that gives you a kind of experience, but myself I’ve never seen an organized street fight for homeless people.

Is the game worth the 14 euro’s that they’re requesting you to pay for it?
It would be up to the buyer to have an opinion on this, For now there is still a few much bugs in the game and working on a better tutorial / Guideline would make it better in my opinion.But if you would ask me if I would play it again? Then sure yes I will, and hopefully with the updates coming in the future maybe this game will have a turnaround and more people will play it.


Overall score

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