Never had I thought I’d be reviewing a game called “One Night Stand”. But when I heard there was a code for the game available and looked it up online, I figured I might as well give it a shot. So here I am, reviewing a game about the awkward morning after a one night stand.

What do you do?

Because that’s literally what One Night Stand is. You wake up with a hangover after a night of drinking. You receive a text from your mate Gary, who you apparently ditched the night before. Soon after, you realize you’re in a different room, lying next to a naked girl, who wakes up shortly after. She rushes out of the room, burying you under the covers.

One Night Stand is all about making choices through point-and-click. Both in investigating the various objects throughout the room for clues about the night before, and picking answers/responses whilst talking to the girl. You have no recollection what happened last night, who the girl is or how you even hooked up. Based on your choices, you can find out those things, and eventually you’ll come to one of twelve different endings.

one night stand

Sounds short and simple? That’s because it is. One Night Stand is a short, nicely hand drawn game that’s quite fun to play for a bit. Each ‘playthrough’ goes by quite fast, but that encourages to start another one to try different responses and see where that takes you. Before you know it, you’ve completed several endings already. I won’t spoil too much, but you can end up outside the house naked.

One Night Stand is clearly not a game you’ll be playing for days. But for its price, it’s pretty cool to play for an hour.


Author's rating

Overall rating

The good
  • Short but fun
  • Many different, creative endings
The bad
  • Could've used more music
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