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Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground, the action-packed, turn-based strategy game developed by Gasket Games and published by Focus Entertainment releases today on the Epic Games Store! Storm Ground is based on Games Workshop’s iconic fantasy IP “Age of Sigmar” – a dark-fantasy universe where immortal knights ride heavenly stardrakes to eradicate Chaos & Death across a multitude of realms. Prepare for the fights ahead and battle in solo campaigns or online multiplayer with everyone thanks to full Crossplay support.

Lead and customize fantastic armies in dynamic, turn-based warfare

Become the commander of one of the extraordinary factions of Warhammer Age of Sigmar – the Stormcast Eternals, the Nighthaunt and the Maggotkin of Nurgle – and lead your highly-customisable force battle after battle in this action-packed and spectacular skirmish turn-based strategy game. Collect and upgrade new types of units, powerful equipment, and unlock devastating skills to unleash on your enemies in each new playthrough of Storm Ground’s non-linear campaign.

Epic Games Store players are able to join and fight those on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch thanks to Storm Ground’s full Crossplay support, either through the matchmaking pool or via code-based invitations. EGS players are even able to invite their Steam friends directly as long as their Epic Games Store contacts are synchronized with their Steam account.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground is available today on the Epic Games Store in addition to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, with full crossplay support. Visit the official store for more information.

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