As we approach the end of the ranked play season, it’s time to reveal this month’s reward card – and if you’re a fan of Mudcrabs, we’ve got just the card for you.

Introducing Old Salty’s Assault!

Old Salty’s Assault is a five-cost action that does one thing and does it well: summon Mudcrabs! It’s hard to analyze this card without looking at all the Mudcrabs currently available in the Legends card pool, so let’s take a look:

While these cards all have relatively low power by themselves, playing them all at the same time, while thinning your deck by three, is a big deal. In addition to 6/5 of total stats for five magicka, you’re also getting the Mudcrab Merchant’s potentially valuable effect plus Mudcrab Anklesnapper will even scuttle across the board to deal a quick point of damage to your opponent.
…but we can’t forget about our honorary Mudcrab: Reflective Automaton! For those dedicated to getting maximum value from Old Salty’s Assault, you can include the 2-cost 2/3 from the Return to Clockwork City expansion that has all creature types. This significantly increases the Assault’s power level; now the card will thin your deck by four cards and summon a total of 8/8 in stats! Additionally, with all these cards being Neutral, you can go for this strategy in any class in the game or pair it with additional Neutral supports like Dwarven Dynamo to turn your crabs into threats.
No matter which class you’ll be summoning Mudcrabs in (and I personally want to ring out Mages Guild Recruit on turn one so I can ring out Old Salty’s Assault on turn two), make sure you head into the ranked ladder today to earn your copies! As with all our monthly reward cards, reaching rank 9 in our ranked ladder by the end of the month will award you one copy, rank 5 will earn you the second and if you finish rank 1 or higher you’ll get a full playset. In addition, if you’re able to finish in the top 1,000 Legend ranks, your playset will be premium!
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