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Ruthless dictator, criminal kingpin, crab Rangoon enthusiast — Pagan Min is many things, and in Pagan: Control, the second DLC episode for Far Cry 6you’ll get to experience what’s really going on behind his eyes. Available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|SPagan: Control lets you play as Far Cry 4’s villain as he tries to escape the dreamlike prison of his own mind and find a chance at redemption.

Far Cry 6: Pagan Control

Like the previous episode, Vaas: Insanity, Pagan: Control takes an approach inspired by roguelikes: After every death, you’ll lose any cash, weapons, or other items you were carrying. If you manage to save enough money without dying, however, you can use it to purchase better weapons or unlock permanent traits that make Pagan stronger – and let him do things like carry more gadgets, or keep some cash after death. And as you battle your way through the Kyrat-inspired nightmare landscape, you’ll be able to permanently unlock new weapons for purchase by tackling Armory Challenges.

Far Cry 6: Pagan Control

The stronger Pagan becomes, the further you’ll be able to push into his psyche, uncover new insights about his past and Far Cry 4’sbackstory, and unlock rewards that carry over into Far Cry 6’s main campaign. And if you’d rather make the journey with a buddy, Pagan: Control owners can invite another player with Far Cry 6 on Xbox to join them for co-op play, even if the invitee doesn’t own the DLC.

Far Cry 6: Pagan Control

Available as part of the Season Pass or as a separate purchase, Pagan: Control is the second of three DLC chapters focusing on Far Cry villains. Vaas: Insanity, starring Far Cry 3’s Vaas Montenegro in a warped re-imagining of the Rook Islands, is also out now, and Joseph: Collapse, featuring Far Cry 5’s Joseph “The Father” Seed, is coming soon.

Far Cry 6 owners can grab Pagan: Control and dive in starting today, so dust off your best pink suit and get ready to see Kyrat through the eyes of the man who held it in an iron grip.

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