40 Xbox 360 games, including 5 Collector’s Editions. 30 PC games, and 13 Pokemon games. On January 26th 2018, these were added to my collection of physical game copies. Which at that point consisted of 13 Xbox One games, 19 PS4 games, and 48 Xbox 360 games. It was a great start to the weekend.

In this feature, I’ll be showing all games that were added to my collection through photos. Underneath each photo, I’ll highlight some games featured in it with a small story. Hope you’ll enjoy the read!

Now I should immediately add that not all added games are technically mine. Thing is, my older brother asked me if he could store all his old games in my gaming room. As I love having physical copies of games, I was only too happy to accept. Most of these games are his. There’s a few that I own or that we co-own, though.

The first batch of Xbox 360 games. First game I want to highlight is Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, the first game I got when I bought my first Xbox 360. It was included with the console when I bought it in 2009. Back then, I still loved racing games, having played a ton of Need for Speed in the past on the Playstation 2. And since I didn’t have any money for new games, I had little choice but to play it for months.

Next highlight is the Guitar Hero series. GH2, 3 and World Tour are my brother’s, but Warriors of Rock is mine. Guitar Hero was insanely fun back then, when the series was still popular. Playing all this awesome rock music yourself, with a plastic guitar? It actually made you feel like a rockstar, which anyone who has played the games will confirm. I’ll never forget Wolfmother’s ‘Woman’ in GH2, the first song I ever played perfectly. Neither will I ever forget playing DragonForce’s ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ for the first time in GH3. Damn, that was hard.

Final highlight goes to GTA IV. I had so much fun in that game’s multiplayer. Me and my friends would often play this ‘cat-and-mouse’ type of game. Some of us would drive around on a Faggio (a scooter), while the others tried to run us over with the Infernus (GTA’s Lamborghini). It was hilarious.

Oh, and a bonus highlight to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Because apparently it’s a very good RPG. Something I didn’t realize when I played it for an hour in 2012. Part of me wants to give it another go, since it backwards compatible now. Though I don’t know if I ever will, considering my backlog.

Second batch of 360 games. First highlight goes to the game on the far left, Assassin’s Creed. I recently published several features on the series; a ranking of all main games, and an elaboration why Odyssey, the latest installment is so good. For the ranking, I looked up some gameplay from the very first game, and was impressed how good the gameplay still looks over a decade later. The first Assassin’s Creed was unbelievable back then, both in terms of gameplay, story and game world.

Second highlight goes to Fable II, the best game in the series in my opinion. Fable II made me fall in love with the franchise. I bought its successor’s Collector’s Edition when it released, and the original’s remaster as well. It was the game which introduced me to romances and having kids in games. I can still see my Hero and Lady Grey living in Bowerstone Castle with their four children.

Bonus fun fact: when rumors arose that Fable IV is in development, I got the urge to play II again. Problem was, I couldn’t find the game. So I settled for another Fable III playthrough instead. So you can imagine I was glad to see the game pop up out of nowhere.

Final highlight is Battlefield: Bad Company 2, my first FPS multiplayer experience. I played it online with a friend who had already played it a ton. We would always jump in a helicopter, which he would fly around whilst I shot down enemies. It was super fun for the short while it lasted.

The Collector’s Editions that were included, with some consoles and a Game Drive box in the background. Prototype 2 and Modern Warfare 3 are the only games I seriously played. I beat the latter’s campaign on Veteran in a couple days’ time, and unlocked all achievements for Prototype 2 in four days time. Final Fantasy XIII and Castlevania I played for an hour or so each.

Some PC games and a bunch of Nintendo DS Pokemon games. The Soul Silver-box on the left contains an additional 8 Pokemon games for the Game Boy Color and Advance. First highlight goes out to Pokemon Diamond, Yellow and Red (the latter two are in the Soul Silver-box). They were my games to play each year on summer vacation. I spent a lot of hours in France on the Game Boy Color and Nintendo DS. They’re my early childhood.

Second and third highlight are my early childhood games as well though. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Age of Empires. I can’t remember particularly much of them though. Only that building my base and army, and ultimately waging war, was an epic cycle time and time again. And their main menu themes are cemented in my memory forever.

Another batch of PC games. I’m not sure if you can tell by the picture, but some of them are still in seal. Splinter Cell, Heroes of Might and Magic V, Supreme Commander and Call of Duty 2 were never taken out of their plastic wrap. They’re all my brother’s, who once picked them out of our local toy store’s budget bin for €5 total or so. Who knows they might be worth something some day.

Onto the highlights I actually played. First one is The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which is both the first open world ánd first Bethesda game I ever played. Though I never played it seriously. All my play sessions consisted of creating a new character, setting my strength and speed to 10 million, then flying across the map one-punching everything. Yes, flying. My character ran so fast, the game didn’t get the opportunity to apply gravity. Simultaneously, I was so fast the game was literally constantly loading new areas.

Second highlight goes to The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II. Apparently I really loved RTS games in my early teens. Though I’m not sure if I ever completed any campaign in any RTS ever, as I always played Skirmish. Same with BFME. Both the base game and the Rise of the Witch-King expansion were awesome though. Anyone remember Karsh, the Angmar Hero? When properly levelled, he was unstoppable.

Dragon Age: Origins. The final game that was included. I photographed this separately, as it was on my desk when I made the other pictures. Because the second I got my hands on this, I installed it on my PC.

I played this game to death on the Xbox 360. At least six full playthroughs that I can remember, and likely a couple partial ones as well. In fact, I did two of those full playthroughs in the summer of 2018. I’ve wanted to do one with mods on PC ever since. Which I will do sooner or later. Origins remains one of the best games I ever played to this day, and I can only hope Dragon Age 4 will be nearly as good.

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