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Let me ask you a question: when’s the last time you accidentally discovered a new, upcoming game that you were immediately interested in, only to realize its release is just a few weeks away? For me, it was roughly a month ago, around the end of July. Somehow (probably via Twitter, I can’t remember) I stumbled upon a 10-minute gameplay trailer of GreedFall. And fell in love almost immediately.

GreedFall is a third person action RPG, ‘’with an emphasis on freedom in both character development and how you proceed through the world’’. Its visuals are heavily inspired by 17th century Europe, mixed with a good dose of fantasy. Spiders, a French studio specializing in action RPGs, are developing the game. They’re a relatively small studio considering the games they make, employing ‘’more than twenty people, in addition to a number of freelancers and authors’’.

Nonetheless, the various GreedFall trailers so far look very promising. Many people, including myself, are getting heavy Dragon Age and Witcher vibes from what we’re seeing. In fact, the first monster in the gameplay video above looks like a Fiend and a Leshen from the Witcher had a baby, and GreedFall adopted it. The game looks visually impressive, the combat varied and challenging, and it promises to cater to different playstyles. Want to achieve your goals by force? You can. Want to be diplomatic and talk things through? You can. Want to be a wizard throwing spells around? You can.

For me personally though, GreedFall has come into view at what seems the perfect time. The game is very close to release, on September 10th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. More importantly though, its trailers made me realize how much I’ve been craving a new fantasy RPG to dive into. I’m a HUGE fan of both fantasy and RPGs, and the last time I really discovered a brand new one, was when I finally started The Witcher 3 in October 2016. I’ve been going back to several of my favorites since then – Dragon AgeFableThe Witcher again – but it’s been almost 3 years since I delved into a new fantasy world. Now Dragon Age 4 is confirmed to be in development, and Fable 4 exists unofficially, but both are probably years away.

No, it looks like GreedFall is going to be my next fantasy fix. Can’t wait to explore Teer Fradee.

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