According to rumors reported by several media today, BioWare will announce Dragon Age 4 tomorrow during The Game Awards. And even though it was already confirmed months ago that the game is at least in pre-production, it would be amazing to see an official announcement (and possibly a trailer?). We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the series so far, and are very excited for the next installment. So to prepare, here’s 6 things we want for Dragon Age 4. 

1. Morrigan

More than anything, we want to see Morrigan return in Dragon Age 4. The Witch of the Wilds stole my heart in Origins, and has cemented herself as my favorite videogame character of all time. She wasn’t involved as much in Inquisition, but every moment of screen time she got in the third game was pure enjoyment to me. Especially when I finally imported a custom world state containing my choices from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, and I stood face to face with Morrigan’s (and my Warden’s) son, Kieran.
Morrigan is mysterious, incredibly well-written, and cold yet caring at the same time. Her dialogue is a joy to listen to, both thanks to David Gaider’s amazing writing and Claudia Black’s superb voice-acting. And yes, I’m throwing superlatives around everywhere, but I’m just trying to make it crystal clear how much I love Morrigan as a character.
Please BioWare, whatever you do with Dragon Age 4, PLEASE make sure Morrigan is in it! And while you’re at it, make sure there’s a cool sub-story surrounding Kieran too.

2. The Warden, The Inquisitor, The Champion

Okay, Morrigan and Kieran are in the game, right? Good. Now please make sure my Warden from Dragon Age: Origins makes an appearance as well. It’s stated in Inquisition that he’s on a quest to combat the Calling, but surely by now he’s back with Morrigan and Kieran, right? Good. So do me a favor and include him in the game, so I can finally see the happy little family together.
No, in all seriousness, it would be really cool to see the Warden appear in Dragon Age 4, apart from him/her being potentially reunited with a lover from Origins (depending on the world state you set for a playthrough). Besides, if my memory serves me correct, the Trespasser DLC for Inquisition ends with the Inquisitor preparing their next major task: stopping Solas. So with that in mind, it wouldn’t make much sense for the Inquisitor to not be part of the game, right? And while we’re at it, might as well throw Hawke, aka the Champion of Kirkwall in the mix, so we have every hero of the series together in one game.
Just do it, BioWare. Just do it.

3. An epic story

This should pretty much be a no-brainer, but I’ll mention it anyway. Origins and Inquisition both had good ‘you-have-to-save-the-world’-stories, with Origins being the best one so far in my humble opinion. Dragon Age II’s story was quite lackluster (although honestly the entire game was), so let’s hope this will be the first even numbered Dragon Age title with an incredible story.
Even though I’ll likely be satisfied with another story in which we have to save the world, there’s a few things I’d definitely appreciate if they were incorporated. Should the Warden return, it would be amazing to see the Grey Wardens fulfill a key role in the story. Should Hawke return, please feature Kirkwall within the game and story as well. And considering the ending to Trespasser I mentioned earlier, it would also be cool to see the Inquisition return (granted it still exists). Other than that, I’ll let BioWare surprise me for now.

4. A combat system like Origins/Inquisition

Again, this should be a no-brainer, really. BioWare designed a different combat system for Dragon Age II, and let’s be honest: it sucked. At least, compared to the combat of Origins and Inquisition it sucked. So let’s just stick with the established combat, which we all know works very well for the game, okay? Four party members, a bunch of skills for each class, the ability to freeze time to control other party members. Micromanagement in combat for those who enjoy it. Let’s not make it any more complicated than it should.

5. In-depth friendships and romances

Dragon Age: Origins had pretty in-depth friendships with your party members, and romances with a select few (especially considering it’s age). Alistair, Leliana and Wynne for example genuinely felt like my friends when I first played Origins in 2011. And I felt like I actually had to make an effort to romance Morrigan (even though I had a guide for it, but let’s ignore that). The individual romances also felt really well fleshed out, though I’ll admit I don’t remember much of the Zevran romance.
Inquisition did a good job as well, though not quite as good as Origins. Varric, Cassandra, Leliana, Cullen, Josephine, Solas and Dorian were awesome, but the others were either replaceable to me or even annoying (looking at you, Sera). Especially the personal questlines of Dorian and Josephine were very memorable to me. My videogame-romance-loving side loved Josephine’s Disney-styled happily-ever-after romance. Solas’ and Blackwall’s romance were apparently also very good, but I’ve never experienced them myself. So I’m going to count on the truthfulness of the internet in saying I hope the romances in Dragon Age 4 are at least on that level, with friendships similar to Origins.

6. A release date in 2020 or later

If the reports are to be believed, Dragon Age 4 is still at least 2 to 3 years away, and I honestly hope it is. Not because I want anyone to wait that much longer for the game, but because I don’t want to play it in anything but 4K graphics. And I’ll need a next-gen console plus 4K screen for that, which I won’t get until 2020 at the earliest. So as far as I’m concerned, a release date set in 2020 or 2021 would be fairly perfect.

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